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    These last 4 presidents after Reagan have screwed this country up.The believe in the things I mentioned in my last post because they are Liberals or Progressives.They belong to a secret sorority in Yale University called Skulls and Bones. Except Obama went to Harvard his last 2 years.I really believe this is the entry to the Communist Party of America.Everything these last 4 president did was against the American People and Jobs went overseas since 1989.Now look in the mess we are in .China and North Korea are threatening us because we cut the defense of this Country and its smaller than pre World War 2. We are sending a signal to our enemies of weakness.Evey war we have been in since 1998 Spanish American War Progressives have been presidents.Look at our History it does not Lie.I believe highly in Ronald Reagans believe Peace thru Strength it keeps us out of these wars.
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    Describe a Liberal
    Anybody who cuts the defense of this Country. Raises Taxes, Overspending,Believes in NWO New World Order Global Economy,Believes in Abolishing the US Constitution,BIG GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE,Believes Socialism/Capitalism works, just a person who commits all acts of Treason will work and get away with it.Believes they are Superior over the American People.
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    Kicked out all Liberals in the Republican Party such as Senator John Mc Cain, Lensi Graham, Jeff Sessions,Mitch O Connel. John Beihner and more.
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    Enough said...
    This is your country after gun control...
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    What a great description of him and what he stands for!!
    Commie Shitbag...yep I agree!!
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    It really must be cold!! Lol
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    Put the traitor in prison!!
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    Hahaha!! That would be a great day!!