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  • posted The abortion pills have to a great extend solved the problem of women,as now they do not have to deal with fear of using surgical treatment for aborticide of the unwanted pregnancy.
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  • posted Obama Tries to Focus Public On Racist Cops | The Daily Caller
  • posted VIDEO: NYPD Turn their Backs on NYC Communist Mayor de Blasio at Presser…Literally
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      Tribe333 this is the guy that needs to be assassinated... maybe the NYPD will turn their backs on him when he needs them the most.
  • posted How does Chris Christie merit a standing ovation at CPAC?
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      Tribe333 progressive politicians .. and a confused message to conservatives... keeps these establishment politicians in power, RINO's like Chris Christy play both sides of the field, or like in Mississippi where the establishment republic shipped in 10s of 1000's democrats to vote in a republican primary so he could beat Mr. McDaniel's.
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  • posted How has ObamaCare affected your family?
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      JamesMcCoy Hi Maureen, sorry for the slow reply I was in Canada for all of last week. I was very sorry to read how this healthcare debacle has impacted your family. I will be praying for your husband and you as well. The president has deceived the American people and many are to blame as well. Pelosi and her famous quote “You have to vote for it to find out what it inside it” is a complete miscarriage of her duties as a representative of the people of California.

      What concerns me more is the lack of responses to my post. In just one week you are the only one to respond. If we are indeed so impacted by oCare then let’s hear about it from everyone.


      Jim McCoy
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      Maureen Gleason Hi James,
      I would like to tell you how Obamacare has affected my family. I have insurance through my employer, last year was BCBS, this year we have changed to United Healthcare. The premium is pretty much the same..$498/mo but my deductible has risen from $500 to $750. Our Out-of-pocket has risen from $$10,000! Seriously.
      My husband has terminal cancer...Dr says 'months'. So we will be paying quite a lot ..I will do what I need to do. I looked into Obamacare, I admit it. But my husband's doctor is not on any list. There is no way in hell I will ask him to change at this time...Obama's big lie directly affects my family..

      .and I hate him just about as much as I hate cancer.
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      Tribe333 Obamacare forced our insurer Coventry One to cancel our policy, initially, then we received a letter stating the policy would continue until its expiration date 6/2014 .. then we would have to choose an ACA approved policy, which doubled my deductible, and was considered a "gold" plan.. for 85% more monthly for just 2 of us. We had to downgrade to a "sliver" plan without vision, dental and an even higher deductible to stay close to what we had budgeted, its still more per month about 10% .. but with much less coverage.
  • posted A Call to Action for Our Veterans!