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    How does Chris Christie merit a standing ovation at CPAC?
    CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Committee. A guy who won't defend the 2nd Amendment and is pro-amnesty should have been shown the door rather than been given a standing ovation.
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    How has ObamaCare affected your family?
    It seemed that for a while some of the media was allowing stories about how some Americans were being charged more or that their coverage had been cancelled. Now it seems that all is well. So I am asking, how has this debacle affected your family?

    I will go first; I have a retiree medical and dental plan from my previous employer. In 2013 our premium through United Health Care was $237.50/month. During the open enrollment period for 2014, the premium for the same coverage went up to $503/month. I compared that price with similar coverage through my new employer and their cost for insurance through Aetna was $541/month. Even though the premium more than doubled we chose to stay with my retiree medical. Of course like many I was enraged because of what the president has done to my family. He is responsible for a $3,186 increase in our medical costs!

    Then yesterday evening I receive a letter and a new payment book for 2014. Now they want $701/month! No explanation for the $198/month increase. Now the president alone is responsible for $5562 in insurance premium increases. I can say that because he is the one that decided that our health care needed fixing.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg for 2014. Once the employee mandate kicks in companies will stop providing coverage all together and leave all of America on the road to socialized medicine.
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      JamesMcCoy Hi Maureen, sorry for the slow reply I was in Canada for all of last week. I was very sorry to read how this healthcare debacle has impacted your family. I will be praying for your husband and you as well. The president has deceived the American people and many are to blame as well. Pelosi and her famous quote “You have to vote for it to find out what it inside it” is a complete miscarriage of her duties as a representative of the people of California.

      What concerns me more is the lack of responses to my post. In just one week you are the only one to respond. If we are indeed so impacted by oCare then let’s hear about it from everyone.


      Jim McCoy
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      Maureen Gleason Hi James,
      I would like to tell you how Obamacare has affected my family. I have insurance through my employer, last year was BCBS, this year we have changed to United Healthcare. The premium is pretty much the same..$498/mo but my deductible has risen from $500 to $750. Our Out-of-pocket has risen from $$10,000! Seriously.
      My husband has terminal cancer...Dr says 'months'. So we will be paying quite a lot ..I will do what I need to do. I looked into Obamacare, I admit it. But my husband's doctor is not on any list. There is no way in hell I will ask him to change at this time...Obama's big lie directly affects my family..

      .and I hate him just about as much as I hate cancer.
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    Proof that the Mainstream Media is in bed with the corruption of this so called ...
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    Wild Bill on Gun Control for Liberals
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    Conservative Apathy can serve as an energy pill for the liberals.
    Americans have become apathetic. In their friend groups they will talk about and complain about, and speak truth about what is happening in this country, but in public they shut up. Why is that. In their friend groups they seem willing to talk about God and His love and even how He answers their prayers, but most are silent when they are around non-believers.

    It is that very silence, in both cases, that will wreck this nation, and our personal lives. I have discovered that the truth is not only needed to be spoken and heard, it is something that the American people are craving.

    I know that I am looked upon as a "Rebel" by some. So be it. I just believe we have to face the facts or face loss.

    Jesus is the "Only Way." There is only "One God." The Word of God is the Truth. God is the Creator

    Our political leaders are not our representatives. They do not represent the people. They are, for the most part, not trustworthy. Many of them speak lies even when the people know it.

    More specific, Obama cannot be trusted. He has deceived his followers. He has lied to all of us. He has caused millions to be without jobs and without insurance. He is responsible for many of the major problems this country has and will have. He does need to be removed.

    God can speak through you and I anywhere and at any time He chooses. We must be willing to allow it. He does belong in the schools.

    Our churches (as organizations) cannot fulfill God's plan for our community, city, state and country. It is the true believers who will change the world for the people in our communities etc. Yes, you! Yes, me! Collectively and individually He will move in our neighborhoods and beyond. Yes, God can use the organizations that are local churches, but too often they are controlled and empowered by a budget rather than faith.

    None of what I have said applies across the board on any given people or organization. There are some good politicians, and there may even be some good in our president.

    Yup, I am a rebel in the eyes of some, but I love you all. I know God does too.
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      Doug Seacat The social media is an avenue for people to sign petitions, get in touch with like minded people and learn about current news. The more we get involved, the more we become committed to making our beliefs known beyond closed doors. There are people who want to end our Constitutional way of life. We must stand for something or fall for anything. Read your Constitution. Learn your Rights. Learn to fight for your rights. The enemies of the USA are hoping you don't get involved. Our enemies hope we go along to get along. Our forefathers fought for our freedoms. each generation must fight for our freedoms. If we don't fight for our freedoms we will become the slaves that our enemies want us to become. Get involved.
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    Third Political Party
    I want the Tea Party to break away from the Liberal Controlled Republican Party and form a third political party in America.
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      JamesMcCoy I learned my lesson about 3rd party candidates the hard way back in 1992 when I voted for Ross Perot. He was more conservative than George HW Bush and we ended up with 8 years of Clinton. I agree with the comments below that a 3rd party will split the conservative vote and the Democrats will win every election. We must primary RINOs with legitimate conservative candidates. After the primary we throw our support behind the winner of the primary. Failing to vote because a GOP candidate is not conservative enough basically hands the election to the Democrat and o’s agenda.
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      James E Bailey I agree but changing the name of the Republican party wouldn't make any difference if the TEA party takes over as long as they represent the REAL conservative issues and vote FOR THE PEOPLE.
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      Brent Welch The tenets of the Tea party need to be embraced by the Republican party. A third party is a spoiler. We need to focus on electing Tea Party Patriots to offices in local, state, and federal offices aiding the RNC to recognize that embracing the values of TPP is in the best interest of the Republican party. When the Republican party is saturated with TPP then we can change the party name from Republican to Tea Party if we so desire. Peacefully infiltrate and electorally dominate.
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    Tea Party Canidates
    I like Paul Ryan,Ted Cruz,Sarah Palin,and others. Why because they believe in this country like President Ronald Reagan did.
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      Richard Murry Good list. Now is the time for us all to take a stand for our conservative candidates. When the Republican Party sends me a request for funds I always return it with a note saying that I do not donate to the Republican Party because of their support of RINO's, I only donate to The Tea Party, SARAPAC, the NRA/Political Victory Fund and directly to Conservative candidates.
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    Foreign Aid
    Cut all Foreign Aid off and balance the budget every year and you can payoff the Nations Debt in 10 years by removing Obamacare too.
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      James E Bailey I agree except for Israel; our ONLY ally in the middle east. NO aid to ANY islamic country under ANY circumstances. I, for one, am tired of hearing the term "moderate muslim/s" because there is no such thing. Islam is a radical geopolitical religion that wants us to convert to islam under sharia law under the penalty of death. The only good muslim is a dead muslim.
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    Let's Just Do It!
    The complaining is getting boring. There are people in the Tea Party who continue to tell us all the Bad News, and complain about our government. Well, you are the people who can do something. We need your actions, and we need your guidance as to how we can actually help. I have been signing petitions, writing a few letters, and posting everywhere.

    You guys who are inside of the door are the ones who need to start some actions. What actions? Glad you asked:

    1. Go ahead and start the real process of de-funding Obamacare - Just do it!
    2. Impeachment: If that is a real need, The Tea Party leaders are the ones who can get that going - Just do it!
    3. Find and elect a new set of real representatives: You are doing some of this now, but we need to reach out to "The People" with a greater enthusiasm to find some good qualified leaders (new leaders) for this country. How can we help you there?
    4. Pray for this nation: This task beliongs to all of us, so, people, Let's Do It!!!!
    5. Get rid of the threat of “Political Correctness.” This is a thorn that needs to be overcome. Just do it!!
    6. Every Conservative should do the research of truth in government, society, politics, and religion. Learn those truths. Then find a liberal and convert them to the good path. Let's Do this!!!!
    7. Don’t be just a complainer. This is all of us:
    8. Get off your Butts:
    But I don't know what to do.
    But I may make enemies.
    But I could lose my job.
    But I don't have the money.
    But I am not a politician. (That is a good thing)

    OK, Let's do this!!!
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    Honesty in comments and articles
    Has anyone noticed all the deception and dishonesty used in the media and in sodial networks these days?

    I have, and I am getting pretty sick of it. Oh, I am talking about the conservative and Christian writers. We all know that deception and dishonesty is the very foundation and anchor for the other side.

    I think it is time to make very sure that the information is true before posting it. I also believe that we must look at both sides and have an open mind as well. When we do that, I believe we will earn more respect and credibility, and we will remain on the side of truth. Just a thought.
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      Stephen R. McDonald GENERALLY speaking, Journalism is RIFE with YELLOW.
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      James E Bailey Before I can agree with you I would have to know specifics like 'who said what' that was untrue. I never comment on anybody's posts when only generalities are given. Once I know the 'who and what' I can comment on it after researching it to verify it. These days it is almost impossible to make an intelligent comment without verifying the truth or fiction. 14% of people make up statistics on the spot. LOL
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      Ernest I understand what you are saying. There are several conservatives who will write an article demeaning liberals by either not telling the whole story, or by stressing extreme meaning to certain comments made by liberals. This is common among politicians and the media. However, I don't like it when the conservatives do it as well. Some of the stories about "Christian discrimination" are addressed in deceptive ways to make it look like there is discrimination when there isn't. Come on people. We conservatives don't have to use that tactic.
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    These last 4 Liberal presidents have commited acts of Treason against the American People and this Country. Cutting the defense of this country in wartime is a act of Treason and some of these people who did are Veterans like John M C Cain and John Kerry.
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      Stephen R. McDonald John Kerry has PROVEN himself a fraud! He is presently intoxicated with his power! And hence,dangerous! He is inept at his Office of Power and may inadvertently weaken us even MORE than he has already done! read BUFFOON.